Benefits of Spin Membership

SPIN Presentations :

The best presentation for the Quarter wins a prize. This will be decided on the basis of the feedback ratings.

Benefits Of Membership :

1. Opportunity to meet and remain in touch with professionals of your own field and discipline.

2. Networking with professionals at international level.

3. Enhancement of individual and organization capability maturity.

4. Individual and organizational respect among right personnel.

5. A partner of Software Process Improvement & Quality Movements .

6. Right target audience for organizations to launch their product or services.

7. Free/ Concessional participation in lectures, conferences and seminars etc.

8. Through process improvement - Increase of profits and customer satisfaction by delivery of quality software in time at competitive price.

9. Projecting India`s image as producer of world-class quality software at globally competitive prices.

SPIN Mumbai - Charter for Steering Committee :

1. Understand/formulate/upgrade Objectives and prepare and update the SPIN charter. Create and upgrade a preferred brand for SPIN with enhanced awareness and availability.

2. Identify Best practices and Speakers from the Industry contacts. Introduce more Spin members for knowledge sharing. Facilitate for Panel Discussions.

3. Provide at least one presentation, tutorials and white papers per year. Arrange for at least one presentation, tutorials and white papers from the industry contacts.

4. Help for the queries of the SPIN members - offline.

5. Make Mumbai - SPIN a vibrant community of QA professionals. We plan to have 15 events this year.

6. Contribute articles/ suggestions/knowledge artifacts to the SPIN website for members and facilitate the smooth knowledge sharing and e ncourage value addition in events.

7. Co-ordinate with other SPIN bodies like Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Banglore.

8. Facilitate and Prepare other SIG (special Interest groups like Project Management practices, CMM/CMMI, People practices group etc).

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