About SPIN

What is SPIN?

Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN) is an organization of software professionals in a given geographical area who are interested in software process improvement.

SPIN (Mumbai) Mission Statement :

To make Indian Software Industry globally competitive in producing world class quality software by continuously improving the productivity and quality through software process improvements.

SPIN Objectives :

Constitute and manage SPIN through a capable, resourceful and motivated Steering Committee. Contributing to Educational Institutes Forming SIGs - Special Interest Groups Conduct Training Programs Conduct Public Seminar for the knowledge dissemination Publish Articles on Best Practices and Experiences Promote and publish SPIN activities using SPIN Website, CSI newsletter and other identified medium Inducting new members in SPIN Conduct a SPIN conference once a year.

Spectrum Of Activities

Monthly meetings of Software Engineering and Quality professionals for exchange and sharing ideas, experiences, common problems and solutions . Industry sponsored SPIN meetings Special SPIN meetings for technical and managerial talks by Indian and foreign experts Conferences / Seminars Interaction with other SPIN bodies and organizations with similar interests Dissemination of software process information and knowledge through library, web-based repository, newsletters, electronic media, books, leaflets, brochures etc.

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