Welcome to Computer Society of India, Mumbai Chapter

From the Hon. Head

Best Chapter award winner repeatedly for several years, Mumbai Chapter is the acclaimed leader among all Chapters of the Computer Society of India. Situated centrally at Mumbai’s MIDC area, this Chapter is the epicentre of a host of activities conducted for its members and the IT community at large. With over 100 technical and non-technical professional courses conducted at its in-house training centre, CSI-Mumbai is focused on organising career enhancement and knowledge sharing activities among IT professionals.

Besides professional training and workshops, the Chapter conducts the following..


Chairman's Desk

Dear Members and Colleagues,

The Real Seed for The Computer society of India (CSI) was first sown in the year 1965 with a handful of Technology savvy of IT Enthusiasts, who were a computer user group and would wanted to share their valuable knowledge & exchange their unique Innovative Disruptive Technology Ideas on the fast emerging Dynamic Market Multiple Sectors.




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