A Newsletter from Computer Society of India, Mumbai Chapter
JULY - SEPT 2014
    Mumbai Chapter Committee (2014 -15)
Mr. Sandip Chintawar
Hon. Chairman (2014-15)
Prof. Dr. Sureshchandra J. Gupta
Hon. Vice Chairman Cum Chairman Elect (2014-15/16)
Mr. Krupashankar R. Chaube
Hon. Secretary (2014-15/16)
Mr. Uttam Mane
Hon. Treasurer (2014-15)
Mr. Dilip Ganeriwal
Immdt. Past Chairman (2014-15)

Managing Committee Member (2014 -15 )
Dr. Anar Rupji
Ms. Neha Patil
Mr. Suresh A Shan
Mr. Prakash Kolhe
Mr. Pramod Ambekar
Ms. Shilpa Wagh
Mr. Raj Pati Mishra
Mr. S Sadasivam
Prof. Ujwala Sav
Dr. Rajiv Desai
Mr. Yogesh Mantri
Mr. Subhash Palkar
Mr. Sunil Joglekar
    Chairman's Message
Mr. Sandip Chintawar
Dear Members,

Computers and computing are more fascinating and nevertheless more important and necessary topics of this day. They are now playing vital roles in our day-to-day life. Science and computing is not new to India. We can boast ourselves in these areas since many of the mathematical formulae, equations, expressions and useful computing gadgets have been invented in India long ago.

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    Editorial Message
Dear Members,

In today’s market, E- commerce is gaining more popularity.

E-commerce refers to Electronic marketing: buying ( e.g: e-bay, flipcart.com ), selling ( eg: olx.com ) and exchange of goods, services through computer networks ( internet, mobile networks ). In E-commerce only the selling company and the buyer are involved, thereby eliminating distributors, wholesalers, retailers etc.

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    News & Articles
» Agile verses Lean
» Design and Research on Speed control system by Intelligent System
» An Exploratory study on Search Engine Optimization
» An Empirical Analysis on Performance Evaluation of Decision
» Path Finding in Symmetric Layered Graphs
» Dynamic Compilation and Optimization phase ordering using Machine
    Chapter Activities
» Activities Report
    Training Calendar
» Training Calendar

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