A Newsletter from Computer Society of India, Mumbai Chapter
    Mumbai Chapter Committee (2014 -15)
Mr. Sandip Chintawar
Hon. Chairman (2014-15)
Prof. Dr. Sureshchandra J. Gupta
Hon. Vice Chairman Cum Chairman Elect (2014-15/16)
Mr. Krupashankar R. Chaube
Hon. Secretary (2014-15/16)
Mr. Uttam Mane
Hon. Treasurer (2014-15)
Mr. Dilip Ganeriwal
Immdt. Past Chairman (2014-15)

Managing Committee Member (2014 -15 )
Dr. Anar Rupji
Ms. Neha Patil
Mr. Suresh A Shan
Mr. Prakash Kolhe
Mr. Pramod Ambekar
Ms. Shilpa Wagh
Mr. Raj Pati Mishra
Mr. S Sadasivam
Prof. Ujwala Sav
Dr. Rajiv Desai
Mr. Yogesh Mantri
Mr. Subhash Palkar
Mr. Sunil Joglekar
    Chairman's Message
Mr. Sandip Chintawar
Dear Members,

The world of Computers and Computer (hardware and software) is continuously undergoing changes as an evolutionary process. From the huge almirah size machines with limited bits for address and data we have moved to machines that are compact with multiple bit addresses and data ( not less than 64 bit CISC and RISC machines ).

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    Editorial Message
Dear Members,

E-Governance is gradually replacing the existing files, documents and records based systems. The letter E in E-governance refers to technology driven governance; it means application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology ) for delivering government services, exchange of information –communication transactions and integration of various stand alone systems, services between Government –to- government (G2G), government- to- business (G2B), and between government-to-customer (G2C) and also the back office processes within the entire government frame work.

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    News & Articles
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» Critical Study of Hadoop Implementation and Performance Issues
» With the Advent of Second Screen, Number of People Reading
» Identification of a Person Using Speech Signal
» Wireless Body Area Sensor Network for
» Software Engineering Decision Support System for Agriculture Domain
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» Activities Report
    Training Calendar
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