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Java Development - 12-13 Oct 2018

Location : CSI Mumbai Chapter
From Date : 12-10-2018 To Date : 13-10-2018
Event Time 9:30:AM    



Computer Society of India, Mumbai Chapter


Two days hands-on workshop on

Java Development

Date:  12-13 October 2018, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Mumbai


This course is designed for beginners who wish to become a Java Developer, which is one of the most popular and strong programming languages for any kind of system development. It is a classroom-based course that covers the essential topics to start programming with Java.


Day 1.

  1.  Eclipse IDE
    1. Download and Install Eclipse IDE
    2. Introduction to Eclipse and Java
    3. Understanding of project explorer and file structure
  2. Overview of Java
    1. Object-Oriented Programming Concept
    2. Three Object-Oriented Programming Principles
    3. First Java Program
    4. Dive into the Program
    5. Lexical issues
    6. Java Keywords
  3. Data Types, Variables and Arrays
    1. Variables
    2. Primitive Types
    3. Characters
    4. Boolean
    5. Scope of the variables
    6. Type Conversion and Casting
    7. String class
    8. Arrays
  4. Operators and Expressions
    1. Introduction of Operators
    2. Arithmetic
    3. Relational
    4. Assignment
    5. Logical
    6. Increment and Decrement
    7. The ? operator
  5. Decision Making
    1. if statement
    2. if... else statement
    3. if.. else if..else statement
    4. Nested if.. else
    5. Switch statement


  1. Loops and Arrays
    1. Introduction of Looping
    2. The while loop
    3. The do-while loop
    4. The for loop
    5. The enhanced for loop
    6. Jump Statements: break, continue
    7. The return statement
    8. Nesting Loops
    9. Using for-each loop with Arrays
  2. Introduction to Classes and Objects
    1. What is a class?
    2. Class Structure
    3. Access Modifiers: Public, Private, Protected
    4. Importing and combining classes
    5. What is an object??
    6. Introduction to java objects
    7. Creating objects
    8. Encapsulation


8.         Introduction to Methods

  1. Declaring Methods
  2. Types of Methods
  3. Parameters and Arguments
  4. Return Type of method
  5. Calling Methods


Day 2

  1. More about Methods
    1. Constructors
    2. Parameterized Constructors
    3. Stack Class
    4. Overloading Methods
    5. Overloading Constructors
    6. Using Object as Parameters
    7. Returning Objects
    8. Recursion
    9. Access Control
    10. Understanding Static
    11. Inheritance
      1. Basics of Inheritance
      2. Member Access
      3. A Practical Example
      4. Using Super
      5. Multilevel Hierarchy
      6. When Constructors are called ?
      7. Method Overriding
      8. Dynamic Method Dispatch
      9. Using Abstract Class
      10. Using Final with Inheritance
      11. Packages
        1. Defining a Package
        2. Finding Packages and CLASSPATH
        3. Short Package Example
        4. Access Control
        5. Interfaces
          1. Defining an Interface
          2. Implementing Interface
          3. Nested Interface
          4. Applying Interface
          5. Variables in Interfaces
          6. Interfaces can be extended
          7. Exception Handling
            1. Exception Handling Fundamentals
            2. Exception types
            3. Uncaught Exceptions
            4. Using try and catch
            5. Multiple catch causes
            6. nested try statements
            7. throw
            8. throws
            9. finally
            10. Java`s built-in exceptions
            11. Multithreading
              1. The Java Thread Model
              2. Thread priorities
              3. Synchronization
              4. Implementing Runnable
              5. Extending Thread
              6. Multiple Threads
              7. Alive and Join
              8. Synchronization methods
              9. Generics
                1. Simple Generics Example
                2. Generic Class
                3. Generic Method
                4. Generic Constructors
                5. Generic Interfaces
                6. Collection Framework
                  1. The Collection Interfaces

                                                              i.      The List Interface

                                                            ii.      The Set Interface

  1. The Collection Classes

                                                              i.      The ArrayList Class

                                                            ii.      The LinkedList Class

  1. Utility Classes
    1. Date
    2. Calendar
    3. TimeZone
    4. Locale
    5. Random
    6. Timer
    7. Other important classes
    8. Practice
      1. Implementing a Bank System


After this session participants will be able to develop Java Applications on their own. Majority of important topics will be covered and it will be benefit participant to upgrade their job profile as Java Developer.

Pre-requisites/Who should attend

Anyone who wants to learn Java

Faculty Profile

Mr. Tausifali Saiyed, an entrepreneur, tutor, and researcher. He owns a software company which creates unique and beautiful mobile apps and software. He gives basic to advance level trainings on Java and Android. He has a research degree in Mobile Application from University of Greenwich, London. He was a Java and Android trainer at London Academy of It, London for 2 years and trained hundreds of student and working professionals at the institute.



  • An IT professional with an experience of teaching and development of mobile apps and software


  • In-depth knowledge and experience on tools like Eclipse ADT, Android Studio, Xcode, Titanium Appcelerator, Corona SDK


  • Expert in providing training on Android Mobile applications and Cross Platform Applications
  • Conducted number of trainings on Android Development, Basic Java and Advance Java topics.
  • Also have been providing online training to overseas-based students.



  • Developed an API Generation Tool in AngleHack hackathon @ Bloomberg, London (Spring 2013).


  • Developed a live feeds from Twitter and Instagram of local market vendors, Android app at bemyapp mobile Hackathon, London (Feb 2012).
  • Successful Coordination of C/C++ Programming contest, An Event of Fiestek’09, jointly organized by IEEE student Branch and ADIT.
  • Obtain 100% in C/C++ examination by Microsoft & TCS


  • Organized C/C++ Programming contest and workshop on LINUX at Fiestek’08, ADIT.


  • Workshop on Firewall, Assembly of Computer and Hacking, ADIT.




  • Programming Languages and Technologies: C/C++, JAVA, Android, O b j e c t i v e C , S w i f t , Spring MVC, JSP/Servlet, EJB, JPA, Hibernate, JSF, JSP, Joomla, PHP, VB 6.0, Assembly level languages (808580518086).
  • Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, JSON, XML, Restful web services.


  • Software Tools: Net Beans, Eclipse, Xcode, Android Studio, Titanium Studio Appcelerator, Corona SDK, Ionic Framework.
  • Databases: Microsoft Access 2003, MySQL, Derby DB.


  • Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora), Windows, MAC OS X


  • Servers: Glassfish, Apache, JBoss, WAMP
  • Network protocols and Technologies: TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, DHCP, Opnet etc.

Contact for Registration

Registration Fees /Terms and Conditions

Harsh Mane @

CSI Mumbai Chapter

E-217, 2nd Floor, Floral Deck Plaza, MIDC, Near Sunrise Tower, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400093

Tel:022 28235476 / 28235548 / 28235546

Mobile  9819089527, 9768550926

Email: / /



-         CSI Members Rs. 10620/-  Per Participant including GST

-         Non CSI Member Rs. 12980/- Per Participant including GST

-          Group discount is available for minimum 5 number of registration.

-          The cheque / DD in favour of "CSI Mumbai Chapter" Payable at Mumbai.

-          The mentioned fees are inclusive of all taxes and charges.

-          Registration fees covers courseware, lunch, Tea/Coffee and CSI Certificate.

-          Non CSI Member can avail discount in fees by becoming member of the society for details visit

-          Payment is to be made in favour of

CSI Mumbai Chapter”, A/c No. 10606576641 payable at State Bank of India, MIDC, Andheri East, Branch, Mumbai-400 093, RTGS/NEFT Code: SBIN0007074, (All Major VISA / Master  Credit / Debit   cards will be accepted.

Participation only through advance registration, (Batch size 20 participants only)

Note - Out station participants need to confirm at least 5 days prior to the commencement of the training


This mail is not spam mail and is a genuine communication from Computer Society of India (CSI) Mumbai Chapter to its members and other IT Professionals to inform them about the forthcoming event. If you feel that this mail should not have been sent to you or you want similar communication to be sent to your different e-mail address, please reply to this mail and specify it in the message







Normal Event Charge : 12980 Rs/-
Event Charge For Early Bird : 12980 Rs/-
Event Charge for Student Member : 10620 Rs/-
Event Charge for CSI Member : 10620 Rs/-
Event Early Bird Days Date : 11-10-2018
Open For : All
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