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Microservices Architecture - 23rd to 25th Aug 2018

Location : CSI Mumbai Chapter
From Date : 23-8-2018 To Date : 25-8-2018
Event Time 9:30:AM    



Computer Society of India, Mumbai Chapter


Three days hands-on workshop on

Microservices Architecture

Date:  23rd to 25th August 2018, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Mumbai


Microservices Architecture Workshop focuses on helping the developers / architects to understand the key Architecture paradigms with hands on section. The course helps the developers from Monolithic App mindset to a Microservices based App development. It also helps the developers with hands on development experience with key Microservices infrastructure technologies like Eureka, Ribbon, Zuul, Kafka etc., and key Architecture styles likes Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing and CQRS, Functional Reactive Programming, Microservice messaging.


  1. Microservices Architecture Styles
  • Pros and Cons
  • Micro Services Characteristics
  • Monolithic Vs. Micro Services Architecture
  • SOA Vs. Micro Services Architecture
  • App Scalability Based on Micro Services
  • Hexagonal Architecture


  1. Scalability
  • CAP Theorem
  • Distributed Transactions: 2 Phase Commit
  • SAGA Design Pattern
  • Scalability Lessons from EBay
  • Design Patterns


  1. Design Styles
  • Domain Driven Design
    • Understanding Requirement Analysis
    • Bounded Context, Domains and Sub Domains
    • Context Map
    • Hexagonal or Ports and Adapters
    • Entities and Value Objects
    • Aggregate Root
    • Domain Service
    • Domain Event
    • Modules
    • Factories and Repositories
    • Integrating Bounded Contexts
  • Event Sourcing & CQRS
    • CRUD
    • ES and CQRS
    • Event Sourcing Example
    • Commands and Queries
  • Functional Reactive Programming
    • 4 Building Blocks of RxJava
    • Observable and Observer Design Pattern
    • Comparison: Iterable / Streams / Observable
    • Design Patterns: Let it Crash / SAGA


  1. Design: Event Storming
  • Event Sourcing Intro
  • Domain and Integration Events
  • Event Sourcing & CQRS Implementations
  • Mind Shift
  • Event Storming
  • Event Storming Restaurant Example
  • Event Storming Process map – Concept
  • ESP Example


  1. Distributed Transaction Management
  • SAGA Design Pattern
  • SAGA Features
  • Local SAGA Features
  • SAGA Execution Container (SEC)
  • Let-it-Crash Design Pattern


  1. Transactions: Case Studies
  • Handling Invariants
  • Use Case : Travel Booking – SEC
  • Use Case : Travel Booking – Rollback
  • Use Case : Restaurant – Forward Recovery
  • Use Case : Shopping Site – ES / CQRS
  • Use Case : Movie Streaming – ES / CQRS


  1. Messaging: Service Mesh
  • Eight fallacies of Distributed Computing
  • Service Mesh
  • Sidecar Design Pattern
  • Service Mesh – Sidecar Design Pattern
  • Service Mesh – Per Host Design Pattern
  • Service Mesh Software Features
  • Service Mesh – Traffic Control
  • Service Mesh Open Source Infrastructures


  1. Messaging: Apache Kafka
  • Kafka Features
  • Kafka Topic & Durability
  • Kafka Data Structure
  • Kafka Performance
  • Kafka Case Study


  1. Security
  • Understanding JSON Web Token
  • Anatomy of JSON Web Token
  • Benefits of JSON Web Token
  • Authentication and Security for each resource


  1. Monitoring and Management
  • Tracking Requests
  • Requests Statistics
  • Resource Capacity Management
  • Fine grained metrics in real-time helps the admin to observe and resolve problems quickly.


  1. Testing
  • How to do Stress testing of your Microservices infrastructure.


  1. Hands on Workshop - Microservices Architecture
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Event Sourcing and CQRS (Using Axon Framework)
  • Microservice Messaging using Kafka
  • Functional Reactive Programming (Rx Java 2)
  • Security of REST Services (using JWT - JSON Web Token)
  • Declarative REST Clients (Spring)


  1. Hands on Workshop - Microservices Deployment Architecture
  • Microservices Cloud Configuration (Spring Cloud)
  • Microservice Service Discovery (Spring Cloud Eureka)
  • Microservice Load Balancing (Spring Cloud Ribbon)
  • Microservice Circuit Breaker (Spring Cloud Hysterix)
  • Microservice API Gateway (Spring Cloud Zuul)
  • Rx 2 Java Examples


  1. Hands on Workshop – Case Study: Ecommerce Site


Following Microservices are built based on

  • Spring Boot with design examples on
  • Domain Driven Design,
  • Event Sourcing and CQRS,
  • Circuit Breaker Design Pattern
  • Asynchronous messaging using Kafka.


  1. Understand the Microservices Architecture concepts
  2. Understand Event Sourcing and CQRS
  3. Understanding Domain Driven Design
  4. Understanding Functional Reactive Programming
  5. Understanding Distributed Transaction Management
  6. Understanding Microservices Messaging
  7. Setting up Micro services Infrastructure (API Gateway, Service Discovery, Load Balancer, Circuit Breaker)


Who should attend

  • Java Programming Language
  • Design Patterns


  • Developers / Sr. Developers
  • Architects / Sr. Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Engineering Directors / CIO

Faculty Profile

Mr. Araf Karsh Hamid - Co Founder / CTO, MetaMagic Global, NJ, USA


Araf Karsh has with over 25 years of experience leading the design and development of mission-critical, object-oriented and web-based applications for premier organizations including Bank of America, CIBC, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Dept of Energy. Karsh has an established track record leading production software organizations and bringing new products to market using leading edge technology. 


He has extensive knowledge of service-oriented architecture, Micro Services, Containers (Docker), Blockchain and key foundational technologies. He is well versed in building highly scalable and high performance distributed applications using Java technologies. 


Training, mentoring and motivating his people is his first passion. He says chess taught him the importance of doing this, a pawn (or a rookie) can become the king when it reaches the other end, the challenge is to take it that far. But he is also known to demand a lot from his teams and again he uses a chess metaphor to explain that the worst enemy of a strategist is the clock.


Karsh focuses on Designing & Architecting innovative solutions for business problems which will be cost effective while using leading edge technologies. He uses his leadership skills in team building, technology research, while managing the creative aspect of software building, motivating and empowering team members to come up with new innovative solutions.


Mr. Ketan Gote - Co Founder / CDO, MetaMagic Global, NJ, USA


After getting his Masters in software development from Pune, Ketan started developing software products for a security provider. As he likes to call himself, he is a full-stack guy and security provided him the opportunity to work the entire stack and come up with pervasive and sustainable security designs and products.  


Ketan joined IBM and worked on large projects servicing customers in North America. He worked across multiple products and technologies and started specializing in SOA and scalable architectures. He put this expertise to use to help customers translate futuristic concepts into real-world solutions and before he knew, he was the resident SME for a whole lot of things for his team and clients.  


While Ketan is a hard-core techie at heart, he realized he had a strong desire to share his knowledge and ideas to brain-storm, train and mentor. And as things turned out, he has the skill to do so too and rose rapidly in the organization, taking on a mix of technical and people management responsibilities. His knowledge sharing includes both in-person and blogging for the community at large.  

Contact for Registration

 Registration Fees /Terms and Conditions

Harsh Mane @

CSI Mumbai Chapter

E-217, 2nd Floor, Floral Deck Plaza, MIDC, Near Sunrise Tower, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400093

Tel:022 28235476 / 28235548 / 28235546

Mobile  9819089527, 9768550926

Email: / /


For online payment please click the below link


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-          CSI Member Rs. 17700/- per participant including GST 

-         Non CSI Member Rs.  20060/- per participant including GST

-          Group discount is available for minimum 5 number of registration.

-          The cheque / DD in favour of "CSI Mumbai Chapter" Payable at Mumbai.

-          The mentioned fees are inclusive of all taxes and charges.

-          Registration fees covers courseware, lunch, Tea/Coffee and CSI Certificate.

-          Non CSI Member can avail discount in fees by becoming member of the society for details visit

-          Payment is to be made in favour of

CSI Mumbai Chapter”, A/c No. 10606576641 payable at State Bank of India, MIDC, Andheri East, Branch, Mumbai-400 093, RTGS/NEFT Code: SBIN0007074, (All Major VISA / Master  Credit / Debit   cards will be accepted.

Participation only through advance registration, (Batch size 20 participants only)

Note – Out station participants need to confirm at least 5 days prior to the commencement of the training


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Normal Event Charge : 20060 Rs/-
Event Charge For Early Bird : 20060 Rs/-
Event Charge for Student Member : 17700 Rs/-
Event Charge for CSI Member : 17700 Rs/-
Event Early Bird Days Date : 22-8-2018
Open For : All
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