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Data Analytics Courses

Data analytics courses in Mumbai by CSI

Data Analytics Courses In Mumbai

Computer Society of India (CSI) Mumbai Chapter conducts various data analytics courses in Mumbai.

Data Analytics with R Programming Language

This workshop by CSI Mumbai provides hands-on learning on the popular R software for data analytics usage. Data Analytics is the hottest sector today and at the end of this workshop, participants will gain practical knowledge about managing, extracting, transforming, cleaning and visualizing data using R programming language.

Upcoming Data Analytics with R trainings in Mumbai

Date: 19th- 20th March, 2015, Time: 9:30- 5:30, Duration: 2 Days

Venue: Andheri East, Mumbai

Benefits to Participants

Those who successfully complete the program will get a certificate from CSI which is highly rated in the industry.

Who should attend?

Data Analytics courses can be attended by analytics, business intelligence or data warehousing professionals, software engineers, data analysts, statisticians and anyone interested in learning about R. No prior programming or statistics knowledge is necessary.

Course Content for Analytics with R Programming Language

Day 1

Introduction to R

  • History of R
  • An Insight into R
  • Data Structure and Data Type

Data Management and Data Cleaning

  • Missing Value Treatment
  • Outlier Treatment
  • Sorting Datasets
  • Merging Datasets
  • Creating new variables
  • Binning variables
  • Reading datasets from other environments into R ( importing )
  • Writing datasets from R environment to other environments (exporting )

Data Visualization in R

  • Bar Chart
  • Dot Plot
  • Scatter Plot ( 3D )
  • Spinning Scatter Plots
  • Pie Chart
  • Histogram ( 3D ) [including colourful ones ]
  • Overlapping Histograms
  • Boxplot
  • Plotting with Base and Lattice Graphics
  • Plotting and Colouring
  • Geo Charts
  • Motion Charts

Case Study with Data Management

Day 2

Using functions in R

  • Sapply function
  • Apply function
  • Tapply function

Connecting R with databases

  • Basics of SQL
  • RODBC and RMySQL Package
  • Performing queries in R
  • Merging Datasets

Basic statistics in R

  • Summarizing data
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Variability and Distributions
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Performing Anova ( One – Way and Two – Way )


Registration Contact for Data Analytics with R Training in Mumbai

Harsh Mane @ CSI Mumbai Chapter Unit No.3, 4th Floor, Samruddhi Venture Park, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400093. Tel No: 022 28235548 / 28235476, Mobile : 9819089527,9664926800, Fax : 022 28235546 Email id : , ,

Registration Fees / Term & Condition

  • Registration fees and payment details as mentioned in the training brochure
  • Group discount is available for 5 Numbers of participants
  • Non CSI Member can avail discount in fees by becoming member of the society for details contact CSI Mumbai Chapter Office
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